The top answer, by score to my call for weekly challenge ideas was:

I've only seen Japan come up like twice in questions that isn't about invading China/Asia/WW2.

  • Meiji Restoration: supporters/opposition to the restoration, role of the emperor and imperial court, the modernisation programs and reactions to them.

  • Sengoku Era: impact of European contact, effect of religions, social/economic structures, shifts in political systems, role of the central government.

Please use the tag for new questions and consider asking questions about eras other then the Sino-Japanese Wars and the Pacific War. There are currently 78 questions about the Land of the Rising Sun. 47 are not also about wwii.. Let's see if we can increase both totals. Next week, on Sept. 5, I will tally up the results and post my favorite question asked.


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Since the challenge was started, the following questions about Japan have been asked:

Not only are those 6 questions we probably would not have otherwise had, none of them are specifically about WWII! Well done.

Normally, I'd pick my favorite question. But this week I think it appropriate call out a top participant:

(source: stackexchange.com)

Of the 6 questions, Semaphore asked one and answered 4 in spectacular fashion.

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