I just came across this edit suggestion review. This is not the first time I have seen this unregistered user or some other similar user making drastic or overwhelming edits to apparently their own posts which almost always change the post completely e.g.:

  1. Edit 1
  2. Edit 2

Naturally I always reject them because I have no way of knowing if its the same person or someone else with the same name.

Yet given the persistence and writing style, I am almost sure its the same person but lacking any substantial evidence, I feel my hands are tied in this matter.

What should be done with huge edits proposed by an unregistered user to apparently his own previous posts?

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I asked a similar question on meta.scifi. The answers recommend rejecting a substantial edit with a custom reason linking the user to the instructions on how to recover a lost account. There is a similar question and answer on Meta.SE.

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