I am trying to get a little fancy with some formatting to include some inline anchors within the body of my Question so I can add links that would allow jumping past sections of my Question Body that impatient readers want to skip past. I have tried variations of:

[go to target](#target) ... body text ... <a id="#target"></a>


[go to target](#target) ... body text ... <a name="#target"></a>


[go to target](#target) ... body text ... "#target"

and other suggestions as found here, but so far I have not been able to get any of these methods to work on History:SE so I'm either missing something obvious, doing something wrong, or the Markdown on History:SE doesn't support in-page links to anchor tags (?)


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I haven't tried using in-page links to anchor tags on History:SE, but from what I've read, it should be possible.


However, having tried several tests (check the edit history for more details!), when I view the page source it looks like the destination anchor is being stripped out when the page is rendered.

I found the Meta:SE question What HTML tags are allowed on Stack Exchange sites?, from that it looks like the only attributes allowed on the <a> tag are:


Which would explain the problem.

So, that would suggest that in-page links actually aren't possible on SE sites.


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