Is there any difference between tag and tag ? If not, shouldn't they be synonyms?

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    Just a side-note: your zeal for improving tags is appreciated. Could you space that out a little bit? With 3 in 24h there is perhaps no big deal whatsoever to observe. But every edit bumps the post to the top of the questions-tab. if we approach >12 re-tags in a day it seems a bit much for one go? Oct 14 '19 at 22:19

Technically, should be for questions on the study of flags (e.g. "When did vexillology become a recognised field of study?", while would be for the actual flags (e.g. "Why was red chosen in flag x?") Obviously, in practice everyone use both to ask about specific flags only.

I have therefore merged the two flags without making them synonyms. If we do get a question on vexillology the study, we can properly tag it , but that tag is destroyed in the meantime.

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