SPOILER ALERT (for Game of Thrones):

For some reason I got this hat that looks like Daenerys' hair (from GoT), my wild guess is since I got the hat due to a posting about mass bombing, then the Mother of Dragons' temper-tantrum in King's Landing, as a sort of dragon-napalm air raid, is the reference for the sake of the hat...?


I've not yet got around to watching GoT, but the requirements for the Mother of Dragons hat are listed in an answer to a question on Meta:SE.

From that answer:

requirements for the hat were:

  • Visit a site where you have never posted a question or answer before (even if it's been deleted).
  • Post a new question or answer during Winter Bash.
  • Get its score to at least 3.
  • Wait until the post is 3 days old.
  • The post cannot be deleted or community wiki, and if it's a question, it cannot be closed.

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