SPOILER ALERT (for Game of Thrones):

For some reason I got this hat that looks like Daenerys' hair (from GoT), my wild guess is since I got the hat due to a posting about mass bombing, then the Mother of Dragons' temper-tantrum in King's Landing, as a sort of dragon-napalm air raid, is the reference for the sake of the hat...?

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I've not yet got around to watching GoT, but the requirements for the Mother of Dragons hat are listed in an answer to a question on Meta:SE.

From that answer:

requirements for the hat were:

  • Visit a site where you have never posted a question or answer before (even if it's been deleted).
  • Post a new question or answer during Winter Bash.
  • Get its score to at least 3.
  • Wait until the post is 3 days old.
  • The post cannot be deleted or community wiki, and if it's a question, it cannot be closed.

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