I asked this question in 2018:

What was the early understanding of static electricity shocks?

Didn't have much attention, and then it was answered a year later in Nov 2019.

Then, for some reason, in the past month or so it started getting so many views I was awarded a gold badge for it. Why?

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Most likely somebody with a large audience linked it, but I don't know how we'd check to find out who.

  • My guess would be that this is just that much bigger than us? Feb 6, 2020 at 13:26
  • On second thought, 'current' events that direct a g-search for 'history static shock' to twitter.com/hashtag/StaticShock, the above and here? (Are all good backlink checkers now pay-ware?) Feb 6, 2020 at 13:51

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