I answered this question about Cyrus cylinder: https://history.stackexchange.com/questions/7875/are-there-other-ancient-human-rights-surely-in-its-ancient-consept-documents-l

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The content of the answer is as follows:


Of course it was not a human rights document. At best it is a code of laws, which can be seen as a summary of civil rights.

Civil rights should not be confused with human rights as human rights are construed to belong to all people, including slaves, foreigners and defeated enemy.


This is the full text of the Cyrus cylinder. Contrary to my previous speculation, it is not a code of laws. The text does not do anything with the rights of anybody.

The first part of the document is in the third person.

  • The first part denigrates the previous kings of Babylon, especially their religious practices, halting the offerings and the like.

  • The Gods disliking this previous king decided to choose a better one, whom they decided should be Cyrus.

  • Then follows the part where it is described how much the people and subordinated kings love Cyrus and kiss his feet.

The second part is explained from the name of Cyrus himself:

  • The full title of Cyrus

  • Cyrus describes that his troops entered Babylon peacefully (following the city's surrender) and made no damage to the population and temples.

  • Again how much the subordinated kings and representatives of remote quarters expressed love and loyalty to him and kissed his feet.

  • He then describes how he restored and rebuilt the temples.

  • He then describes how he improved the defenses and city walls.

The claim that it has something about "human rights" is described as a hoax, for example, by Spiegel.


It is well sourced. What is the purpose of deleting?

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