Three years ago I posted a question about a Confederate flag obscure design .

Flag with 13 white stars and a crescent on red background

At first there were some votes to close it (at first I didn't really know that it whas a Confederate flag either) but it turned out to be an acceptable question that had an excellent answer.

When I accepted the answer I made some compliments to the answerer for his effort. I usually do this and they usually don't get deleted. These complimentary comments were a bit longer than usual, but the reason was that they contained additional information about some of the flag's details, such as its gold trim.

Actually, this is not a complaint. They were not very important comments and were made three years ago, but I would like to know if there is a definite protocol on this type of "thank you for your response" comments.


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First off, I should make it clear that all the action being discussed here happened 4 years ago. I wasn't one of the mods doing the work on this one. Some of the principals are no longer active on this site.

Looking through that answer, there appear to be 9 deleted comments. They mostly appear to be in 4 categories:

  1. (1) Comment deleted by its own author, presumably due to desire to edit it after it had been posted for >5 mins.
  2. (1) "attaboy" comment from the OQ, made superfluous by the fact that OQ also accepted the answer.
  3. (1) "Why I upvoted" comment.
  4. (6) Discussion about (2) tangentially related issues.

In general, our bias here isn't toward keeping comments, and I can see a reasonable case for deleting all of these. Could one also make a case for keeping some of them? I suppose. But remember these are just comments, not proper posts. Their reason for existing is to help improve posts. Try not to get too attached to the barn cats.

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