Is this question or type of question acceptable or not? Why?

As a side note, would asking about the historical accuracy of a game be on topic?

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I was one of the ones who voted to close this one. The reasons for this aren't entirely obvious to me, so I can understand why you asked the question. A few gut reactions to this:

  • There are other places on the Internet to ask this question and you will probably get a pretty good answer elsewhere.
  • I feel like there might be a risk that less 'serious' history questions might discourage professional historians to contribute.
  • There aren't going to be many questions like this, so we are not losing a great deal by closing them.
  • The answers are probably going to be pretty subjective.

All that said, you should definitely check out Combat Mission - Battle for Normandy, it is awesome ;).

  • +1 I agree with these reasons...
    – Noldorin
    Oct 16, 2011 at 23:16

Reenactments should also be considered off-topic imho.

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