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Are requests for references appropriate on History Stack Exchange?(revisited)

Arguments to treat references in scope By declaring requests for references out of scope, we discourage some legitimate and - interesting history questions. History is unusual for H:SE; a large ...
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Site policy for very heavily-trolled topics

What is the site policy for dealing with questions on very heavily-trolled topics, like Hitler and The Holocaust? We've long had problems with these particular topics, as they seem to be magnets for ...
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Meta-meta Site Policy on History.SE — FAQ

This is the central repository for how we do things on History.StackExchange. This complements and extends our Help-Centre, which is limited in space and slow to change. Welcome to new users FAQ: ...
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Standard comment situations: suggestions for close votes and down votes

Downvotes and close votes should always be accompanied by a comment. While not strictly required as per SE policy this is especially important for new users. We should direct our criticism at bad or ...
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Why is my question still off topic?

I have a question about my History Stack Exchange post: Is there any historical reason why women don't go topless in public just like men? I've edited my question after initial feedback. Is there ...
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When comments are flagged, are related comments looked at by moderators?

If a comment is flagged, do moderators normally look at only the comment, or also the general context of the comment such as what the comment was replying to? EDIT: Bump this to get new input from the ...
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Why do reputation-points allow negative hits from members?

This just makes reputation points into a popularity-contest, simply suppressing dissension by opinions rather than facts.
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How is my question about slave clothing opinion-based?

My question was closed because it was seen as opinion-based. I am struggling to see how my question as it currently stands is opinion-based. There are many questions about slavery on this website and ...
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Why did my answer get a downvote?

This question is intended to assist with providing feedback on answers. Every answer to this question should include all of the following: 1) An explanation for the downvote, 2) An recommendation to ...
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"Why Japan cannot 'apologize' enough for World War 2?" being put on hold for "off-topic" (too basic) and swiftly deleted?

Edit: Now the question is deleted! From what I can tell it now has a +7/-6 vote. I believe that those who vote to delete the question owe us an explanation. Here's my question, "Why Japan cannot “...
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Shouldn't we be less harsh with respect to asking for prior research?

Prompted by this question: Are there any examples of California gold rush prospectors becoming exceedingly wealthy due to their claim(s)? There's a twice upvoted comment in 12 minutes as I write, ...
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Should we add more banners of the type 'citation needed'?

It seems to be the case that we get too many answers that do not adequately cite their sources or do not present enough or any evidence from external sources to support their arguments, assertions and ...
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Why did I get an upvote?

Although it isn't strictly necessary, I think it is important to recognize very well constructed questions. SE recognizes good questions with votes, but as others have pointed out, votes are a ...
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What's wrong with this question that asks if there was slaves that were treated well?

Are there records of any American slave owner treat their slave well? It seems like an objective, if not to difficult answer, question. Yet it has a score of -4. What's wrong with it?
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Can anyone offer suggestions on how I can improve my answer regarding Soviets handing over Jews to the Nazis?

I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions and voting on Questions and Answers is a private thing - but my understanding on the casting of Up and Down votes on Main is supposed to be with ...

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