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Question about a Closed Question

I am posting here to understand better why an old question of mine was closed. Also to determine if I can resolve the concerns of the down voters and mod by rewording my question to their ...
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How to ask a question at SE History? Is there a Template?

Stack Exchange, in general, should be a place where experts in a particular field can provide each other with mutual support, and a place where people who are not experts can received help from ...
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What to do with closed question about phobias

I asked this question and it was closed and got a lot of downvotes: How long have people been having nightmares about showing up to school wearing only underwear? I'm wondering what to do about it. ...
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Should we borrow one or both of the Off topic reasons from the Politics SE?

There's a recent meta thread in politics that discussed new close reason for their SE, and both seem apt for the History SE. Quoting them verbatim: Speculative Questions asking for the internal ...
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What do I do wrong when asking questions?

@Sempahore and I did some chat which started today (24th June 2015 about 11:18 CET), here is the link to full conversation As I can ...
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Can we adjust the help center to help manage scope?

Our help center for don't ask is pretty generic. I have some opinions about out of scope questions. Is there a way to adjust the help center with a better "out of scope" test? Would that reduce the ...
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It's a list question - How can I word it in a way that it will be unlikely to be closed?

I am looking for examples of monarchs who became monarchs through birthright, who subsequently became loved by the masses. Any period of history, up to and including the present day, is fair game. ...
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re-open a closed question that received 1k views

This question reached 1082 view however it is closed , If I did some review and modification on it , can you re-open it ?
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How are unsourced claims attended?

There are times we (at least I) remember something we heard long time ago in part of our lives which is an historical fact, or better said, claim. However we cannot be sure whether the fact is ...
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