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Is this proposed 'duplicate' question marked both wrongly and in a worse direction?

On Where can I find all Hitler speeches in original German? it was proposed that this would be a duplicate of Where can I find a reliable archive of Hitler's speeches? To this duplicate proposal ...
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Why are anachronistic, ahistorical & prescriptive wrong answers preferred over those to the contrary with direct evidence from medieval manuscripts?

A question with the focus on (To clarify, I am asking whether there was typographical error in the aforementioned chronicle) What is the reasoning behind these huge numbers for participants in the ...
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How do we tell a user to improve the quality of his posts when comments do not suffice and voters torpedo quality by regularly upvoting nonsense?

In the last days we saw a new user here who apparently found a method to speedily farm for reputation by mass cargo-cult quoting. Member for 14 days, 30 answers all over the place and quick succession,...
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How to enforce much stronger standards for answers touching Nazi/Holocaust topics?

What is "Holocaust Denial and Distortion"? The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum article on "Holocaust Denial and Distortion" provides a short answer and good starting point ...
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How should we deal with answers reading the question a bit differently than OP intended (frame challenge)?

Sometimes we get questions that are "not good enough", as anyone individual might think; and as opinions differ: on quite a few questions. So much so that we do not reach a consensus on "badness". ...
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What is the typically preferred length of an HistorySE answer and what factors influence that?

There is some tension between different parts fo the documentation here on Meta, the help docs, user comments and voting behaviour. One banner says: "We are looking for long answers", and ...
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Can anyone offer suggestions on how I can improve my answer regarding Soviets handing over Jews to the Nazis?

I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions and voting on Questions and Answers is a private thing - but my understanding on the casting of Up and Down votes on Main is supposed to be with ...
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Suggesting improvements to the "Citation needed" label or post notice

Some answers do not meet the desired quality standards. Frequently these quality problems are caused by a lack of citations and/or sources/references. Ideally these answers then get a "Citation needed"...
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3 answers

What is the purpose of the 'Add another answer' button?

Seeing as I can edit any answer I post to my heart's content (assuming it hasn't been deleted), I'm wondering why this button is needed - or is it there precisely for this reason (answer deleted)? I ...
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What to do when you post a partially wrong answer?

On this coin-identification question, I managed to find the origin of the coin correctly but I couldn't find the correct coin or the text. An hour later, another user posted the correct and precise ...
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Do we expect answers to cite sources?

Long-time occasional browser, first-time poster here. I recently asked How much did it cost to attend events at the ancient Roman colosseum? and have gotten (so far) two answers, upvoted by the ...
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How should we format the community wiki answer to list-type questions?

Some of you may have noticed, but there's a tentative experiment going on in Destruction of iconic structures in wars of the 20th century and later, where we answer list type questions with community ...
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Correcting wrong answers: a question of trustworthiness of history.SE

Is there any way to correct the wrong answers in the Wrong answers are accepted as the correct answer in some questions. When googling the results from history.SE also appear on the first ...
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A plea to down voters

Someone (singular or plural) seem to be down voting a lot of my answers. I do not really care that much about a meaningless reputation number. However, I do care about the overall quality of this ...
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Is a wiki type question appropriate for the site?

When I saw the question I began to think that this might be a useful type of wiki question; although I think ...
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Our answers need to be more like skeptic.SE's answers

History is a field where there's a lot of commonly held misconceptions and water-cooler anecdotal information/analysis. As participants in this site, we need to be sure to carefully source our answers ...
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A consensus to make citations mandatory on this site

On the Skeptics SE site we require that any claim be referenced. To have a look at our requirements please check Guidelines for Inadequately Referenced Answers Anecdotes and unproven general facts ...
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Warning about answers that just copy online sources

If anyone remembers the How it Works beta, it had a major issue with people copying from online sources without citing. I am worried this is starting here as I've already seen 3 answers copied ...
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6 answers

Should we include sources in answers?

As a historian I know that while information (or in this case answers) are vital, but perhaps more important to good historical research are the sources consulted. Should we, as History.SE'rs, include ...