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Should there be a policy on History SE for the use of AI-generated answers?

With the public release of ChatGPT, which uses AI to create conversational responses to questions, there has been discussion of banning such answers from the SE network. At least a couple of SE sites ...
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2 answers

Are comments a forum for (possible) trolling?

This question received 6 good serious answers, and 32 up votes. Yet I have been beset by comments suggesting - that I should not question a dramatic depiction of early 20th century USA, that my "...
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8 votes
2 answers

How do we determine site policy, how do we reach consensus about it?

It is unclear to me and others how we determine 'official' site policy. We have a lot of questions and answers surrounding our site policy here on meta. Some have a lot of views, some have a lot of ...
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Meta-meta Site Policy on History.SE — FAQ

This is the central repository for how we do things on History.StackExchange. This complements and extends our Help-Centre, which is limited in space and slow to change. Welcome to new users FAQ: ...
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18 votes
6 answers

Site policy for very heavily-trolled topics

What is the site policy for dealing with questions on very heavily-trolled topics, like Hitler and The Holocaust? We've long had problems with these particular topics, as they seem to be magnets for ...
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10 votes
3 answers

What is the community criteria for referencing religious sources?

Context: Having just barely joined History.SE after participating in several other SE communities, I've been struck with how closed the community seems to be to newcomers and casual participants - ...
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8 answers

Are requests for references appropriate on History Stack Exchange?(revisited)

Arguments to treat references in scope By declaring requests for references out of scope, we discourage some legitimate and - interesting history questions. History is unusual for H:SE; a large ...
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