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Site policy for very heavily-trolled topics

What is the site policy for dealing with questions on very heavily-trolled topics, like Hitler and The Holocaust? We've long had problems with these particular topics, as they seem to be magnets for ...
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4 answers

Could questions here be too localized?

On other sites, such as or stackoverflow, questions can be too localized. example. But on a site that is all about history, what could be too localized? Because history is all about detail.
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When do we consider a question to be easily answered by "a simple search"?

Our help-center lists explicitly one symptom that makes a question "off-topic": It is not about: Questions answered by a simple Google search or to be found in a Wikipedia page I see 'a ...
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FAQ: My question has been 'closed', what does it mean?

Why are some questions closed? Is it like deletion?
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Ancient literature, folklore, mythology- is it appropriate to ask questions here?

I have already read this. However I want to know if it is okay to ask a question such as "What references to something exists in ancient literature, folklore, mythology?" Would that be ...
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A Sandbox for Asking Questions

This is an idea we've had for a while. It's widely known that asking questions is pretty difficult on H.SE, and people often get frustrated if their questions get put on hold. On the other hand, if we ...
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Can I ask for identification of public historical event based on the picture?

Can I ask for identification of public historical event based on the provided picture?
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Am I allowed to ask a religious question on this site

I have this question, on Christianity, it's not welcome there and some user stated that i could move it here. Well if i simply copy paste, it will be closed, cross posting. Was Mohamad's father a ...
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What do I do wrong when asking questions?

@Sempahore and I did some chat which started today (24th June 2015 about 11:18 CET), here is the link to full conversation As I can ...
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