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10 votes
1 answer

Let's ask about Japan

The top answer, by score to my call for weekly challenge ideas was: I've only seen Japan come up like twice in questions that isn't about invading China/Asia/WW2. Meiji Restoration: supporters/...
7 votes
10 answers

Weekly Topic Challenge

A few years back we tried a question asking contest on History and Philosophy. The format was somewhat flawed, but I think the basic concept is sound. Having a specific suggestion of a type of ...
2 votes
0 answers

Let's ask about religion during the genesis of the US

Mark C. Wallace suggested: Religious diversity in the US from 1770 to 1790. How did the colonies constrain or promote religious diversity as they shifted away from a state controlled church? What ...
5 votes
1 answer

Let's talk about food

The next suggestion on our list of topics is food. It reminds me of a show I watched a few years ago about the life of typical Romans during the empire. Naturally, I assumed they ate a lot of pasta, ...
3 votes
1 answer

Let's ask about the Middle East

The next suggestion on the list is: I would like to see questions about the history of the Middle East region that aren't focused on the past 20 some years, or centered around religion. Basically, ...