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Shouldn't a question strictly about Kievan Rus get its own tag and not one about Russia (or Ukraine)?

This question (When did Kievan Rus' rulers become culturally Slavic?) has become subject to a comments war because of a Russia tag added and/or removed. I have created a tag kievan-rus in order to ...
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How should moderators deal with comments, when should those be pruned, deleted or "moved to chat"?

The present situation regarding comments seems to be deteriorating. Bad comments stay, good comments go, and the site does not get any better with this. Bad comments left standing We all know what ...
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"No longer needed" comment flag for merged question declined

I raised a "no longer needed" flag on a comment in Where do Bulgarians originate from? The comment suggested a duplicate question, specifically What were the origins of the Bulgarian people?....
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Commenting a particular question crashes Android Chrome

I wanted to add a comment to this question. Either those are very small trees, or that is a very large monk. When I hit "add comment", Chrome crashes. Bizarrely, it's only this question. ...
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Some of my comments that I believe relevant have been deleted

Three years ago I posted a question about a Confederate flag obscure design . Flag with 13 white stars and a crescent on red background At first there were some votes to close it (at first I didn't ...
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2 answers

Does moving entire comment sections to chat defeat the purpose of comments?

I understand that discussions in comment sections are a major problem, and more so on History:SE than on, say, Stackoverflow. I understand that this needs to be tackled because it clutters up the site ...
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10 votes
9 answers

Standard comment situations: suggestions for close votes and down votes

Downvotes and close votes should always be accompanied by a comment. While not strictly required as per SE policy this is especially important for new users. We should direct our criticism at bad or ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Factual comment removed

In the question Did NATO promise Gorbachev not to accept membership applications from former Warsaw Pact nations?, which made a factually wrong claim (that the GDR joined NATO in 1990), I made a ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Should History.SE be deleting answers posted as comments?

Prompted by a chat discussion. Sometimes, users post answers in the comment section. They do this for several reasons - some common ones include that they don't have time to write a full answer, that ...
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Does the fact that comments aren't anonymous discourage people who downvote from explaining why?

I'm sure I'm not the only person who has been puzzled (and at times a little annoyed) at being downvoted (both questions and answers). At the same time, I accept people's right to do that and I think ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Newbie - unable to post comment!

I have down voted an answer and tried to add a comment to explain why - it worked the first time, but my tablet (laptop's died!) did weird things to it. Tried to edit it, no joy: deleted and started ...
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1 answer

What happens when a comment is helpfully flagged?

Let's say somebody posts a comment that's nothing but a racist rant. Nothing helpful, just trolling and offensive. I flag it as such, and a little while later I notice that it's gone, and the "...
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2 answers

Comments discussing reasons to close?

I don't know about you, it seems counterproductive to place explanations of why people vote to close in the comments and just seems to incentivise the closing of good, solid questions. When reviewing ...
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2 answers

Erasing discussions generated by not so constructive comments

I've added this question, which early on received the comment "IMHO this is silly." This comment led to a lengthy discussion about it, meanwhile partly erased by (I presume*) a moderador. I would ...
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13 votes
1 answer

Please don't push controversy in comments

In the last few months we've received a number of email from users who complain about altercations on this site's comment sections. If the problem revolved around just one or two people, I'd contact ...
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11 votes
1 answer

When should a comment be flagged?

What are our standards for flagging comments here? I've noted that most mods here have different standards for comment flags than are found on other sites. Because of such, nearly half of my comment ...
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Is there a comment button for the history stack-exchange?

Hi I'm an avid member of the stack-exchange sites. As a history major I love the idea of a history Q&A site and the formatting, style and overall design of the Stack-exchange sites presents a ...
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