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Some of my comments that I believe relevant have been deleted

Three years ago I posted a question about a Confederate flag obscure design . Flag with 13 white stars and a crescent on red background At first there were some votes to close it (at first I didn't ...
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Could it be a biased voting if a Jewish person votes to delete an answer about ancient Israelites being immigrants in nowadays Israel (as to Genesis)?

I have a question about my History Stack Exchange post: Where were the ancient Israelites before they came to Israel (if they were new inhabitants at all)? Could it be a biased voting if a Jewish ...
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Undeleting a net-score unpopular but well written, amply referenced, upvoted and accepted quality answer?

Situation The deleted answer and its quality There is this well researched, amply referenced, and dotted with examples and quotes, truthful answer that addresses the question as asked, in much detail. ...
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Why was this answer which breaks down the term america to the four root words deleted?

What is the reason for deleting this answer at Since the inception of the United States, has the term "America" ever referred to something more than simply "the United States"? ...
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Why was my answer deleted?

Below is the standard SE Help Center text for why answers may be deleted: Answers that do not fundamentally answer the question may be removed. This includes answers that are: commentary ...
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Can a mod restore a user's self deleted answers en masse?

While going through old questions I keep coming across answers by this user. As the remaining answers would suggest, they are generally at least of a decent quality, and many are very good. The ...
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Should I undelete this answer

I came across an answer by @coleopterist to this question that is up-voted, and otherwise appears to be a worthwhile addition to the site, but was deleted by owner two months after being posted. There ...
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Is it possible to completely erase an answer?

I want this deleted answer to be completely erased: Is it possible?
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