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Questions tagged [feature-request]

You have an idea for a new feature, or for a change to the existing functionality.

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What new community roles should we ask for?

Help us identify new roles for community members The above meta question asks what new roles are needed on Stack Exchange sites - that is, other than moderator. I've made a suggestion that we should ...
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Link to Mythology.SE in the Tour

The part of the Tour that explains what kinds of questions are on-topic here on this site links to Genealogy.SE and Skeptics.SE but not to Mythology.SE: However, in the Help Center's section on on-...
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Suggesting improvements to the "Citation needed" label or post notice

Some answers do not meet the desired quality standards. Frequently these quality problems are caused by a lack of citations and/or sources/references. Ideally these answers then get a "Citation needed"...
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What is "comparative Google searches" in Site Self-Evaluation?

I clicked on "site self-evaluation" and generally understand the idea. However, I think the text needs some explanation. Run comparative Google searches on these questions I think I'm quite good ...
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Deletion of my user account from Histoy.SE is not working

Some days ago I tried to delete my History.SE account by using the instructions given (edit the about field to "please delete me" and posting the request here), but my meta-post was deleted and ...
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