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Questions tagged [pledges]

A meta-specific tag for the public declaring of an effort to undertake for the betterment of the history.SE site. This way other users can assist and track the specific contributions made to improving the site.

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8 votes
2 answers

Community Goal: Answer at least half of the Unanswered Questions on the main site by the end of November

I am proposing that we as a community make a commitment to answer half of the Unanswered Questions currently on the site. There are 51 as of today, October 25th, which gives us almost 45 days to ...
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6 votes
0 answers

Recruit Two Historians by the End of June

So I know of at least two friends who are historians, one with a bachelor's degree and another who is a graduate student currently studying the development of socialism throughout the twentieth ...
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11 votes
2 answers

I am going to try and post one question a day for one week

This isn't a question, but more so a public commitment to try and up the number of questions that this site has. I commit to do this for one week, starting today, and I will try to keep the quality of ...
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