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Please ban Wikipedia links

"I actually do think Wikipedia is an amazing thing. It is the first place I go when I'm looking for knowledge. Or when I want to create some." -- Stephen Colbert. The History Stack Exchange ...
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Requests for references

I know, the issue of our policy on reference requests was discussed (too) many times: a. Allowing some reference requests: here, here, here, here, here. b. The idea of a chat-room serving as a ...
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Should we add more banners of the type 'citation needed'?

It seems to be the case that we get too many answers that do not adequately cite their sources or do not present enough or any evidence from external sources to support their arguments, assertions and ...
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Can movies be considered usable for reference?

There are many historical movies which show exactly the way events happened in the past, can they be used as a reference for raising queries? Example: The movie Viceroy's House shows the series of ...
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What is the community criteria for referencing religious sources?

Context: Having just barely joined History.SE after participating in several other SE communities, I've been struck with how closed the community seems to be to newcomers and casual participants - ...
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Flagging holocaust denial

Holocaust denial is both factually incorrect, and offensive. How should it be flagged? Should it be flagged as "rude and abusive", or should I use "other" and say "lacks citations"? I'm worried that ...
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Proposal for Accepting Reference List Requests

I'd like to present for comment a process by which we might productively handle requests for lists of reference material on the History stack using the current StackExchange software. Requests for ...
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Are hadiths useable as references?

A lot of Islamic history lies in the forms of hadith: Oral tradition passed down through several people. Wikipedia is a little misleading on the description, the term is used for almost all oral ...
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Working with references is not a History?

I have asked a question about interpretation of references in literature and was told that this is not a history question! Here is the question that I'm referring: Understanding what these ...
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A consensus to make citations mandatory on this site

On the Skeptics SE site we require that any claim be referenced. To have a look at our requirements please check Guidelines for Inadequately Referenced Answers Anecdotes and unproven general facts ...
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Should (can) we standardise bibliographic references?

In addition to Gpierce's question, should we standardise the way that bibliographic references are formatted? It has been a while since I wrote a bibliography, so for my last answer I had to look up ...
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