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Reopen request 74063

The question "Why was Cuba not colonized...?" is closed as too basic; it can be definitively answered by a single link to the relevant topic on Wikipedia or another standard reference source....
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Why was the question about Nikolai Gogol's family name closed?

I've noticed that per-site metas are often littered with complaints/questions about question closure- so here's my own contribution to that genre. I'd like to seek clarification on the closure of this ...
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Is there actually "confusion" over why this was closed?

Havning previously commented on this closed question, I recently received a comment could you vote to re open this? Unsure as to why it was closed.. as there seems to be some confusion as to if this ...
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Why use 'piled-up earth supporting a banner for indicating official rank'?

First, apologia for offending anyone. I honestly thought Why use 'piled-up earth supporting a banner for indicating official rank'? was on topic for history! Second, how can we salvage this ...
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I added explanation of this question People think I want to "blame" Carthagian by asking those questions. The issue ...
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Does a question about "where a people may come from originally" fit to History Stack Exchange?

I have a question about my History Stack Exchange post: Where were the ancient Israelites before they came to Israel (if they were new inhabitants at all)? I am confused what is happening here. I ...
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Why was my question closed even though it perfectly lies within the boundaries of history?

I asked this question some time back- Why is the Easter Island such a frequent participant in Japanese Comics? The question was closed and my comments weren't answered. I clearly stated that I am ...
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Making this post more clear?

How accurate is the portrayal of Leonardo Da Vinci in Voyager How do I make this more "clear", I engaged with the question asked in the comments but it the got closed with no information.
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Edit this closed question, or ask anew?

This question, Why was there no solution found to Soviet famines and near-famines? was closed for beeing on social science. I think there's a valid and good question in there and that I could provide ...
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What is wrong with this question? I think it was wrongly closed. It's very very clear what the author is asking. Presumably, he is ...
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Request to reopen the Joe McCarthy question

I'd like to request that be reopened. I do not consider the question off-topic and ...
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I've rewritten someone else's old, closed question and nominated it for reopening, is that OK?

It was obvious why this question was closed: What were Argentina's intentions for the Falkland Islanders? (original title: How does Argentina view the inhabitants of the Falklands?) But I figured ...
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Reopen request: "Why is our planet called Earth?"

I don't see why Why is our planet called Earth? is being considered off topic for this site. That it is about the history of a word doesn't make it off topic. Simply because there might be a better SE ...
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