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The tag [orthodoxism] is not orthodox

I've always been uncomfortable with the orthodoxism tag here. It's a nonstandard term for what is normally called "Orthodoxy". The questions we have here appear to all relate to what is ...
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1 answer

Creating / adding new tags for existing questions without swamping the home page

I am currently doing a little research into some aspects relating to the Sasanian Empire for another project, and I thought it might be useful to see what questions have been asked and answered here. ...
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What are the correct tags for my question?

I tagged What ring is this? with world-war-two. After seeing the answers, I found out that I was in the wrong century. What is the appropriate tags to use? Should I change the tags? I was going to ...
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Rename tag medieval-china

medieval-china doesn't make sense: there is no Medieval / Middle Ages period for China. For the timespan covered (221 BC to 1912 AD), I would prefer imperial-china. Wikipedia also uses this ...
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