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When are questions on heraldry on-topic?

I find the subject of heraldry fascinating, have answered a couple of questions here on this topic, and would quite like to ask some of my own questions. I'm not quite sure, however, what the ...
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Do we need to clarify what we mean with "famous persons" on our ask/on-topic help page?

A recent question asked about family relatedness and relationship status combination of people: Is the former adviser to the prime minister Dominic Cummings related by marriage to Andrew Wakefield? ...
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Scope - ye demisse of ye yorne

This is a scoping question. I'd like to ask a question that initially seems like something more suitable for ELU, but is really about the history of printing. Specifically, whether/how early printers ...
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Scope and usefulness of questions about computer operating systems and computer hardwares

I am not much active user here but I once (more than a year ago) asked a question on Computer Operating system which was well received by this community. Recently I posted another one and am thinking ...
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Are questions about "the biggest city/province/country in region Y in the year Z" on topic?

Because of poorly thought out questions in the past, I want to make sure that my question wouldn't cause me even more trouble than I'm already in. I want to know what the biggest pre-Gaul/Celtic ...
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Is it on topic to ask about this religious practice?

From a historical novel, some Scandinavian peoples were practicing a form of divination, called Wands. They were presented as similar in purpose to modern-day Tarot cards. Can I create a question of ...
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Are questions that ask for sales rankings or similar mercantile statistics in scope?

We have a question What was the third best-selling book in the antebellum US? that was closed as out of scope then reopened as in scope. So more generally, are these types of question in or out of ...
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Questions about history of space exploration: here or

My current project at work has led me to a number of questions about the history of space exploration. Would these questions be a better fit for history.SE or space.SE? A few examples of this kind ...
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Europe and other continental tags

As of today, the "europe" tag was used with 69 questions. Some of them are added to questions about things that have matter to overall history of the European civilization, while some others to ...
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Do we have a policy on questions trivially answered by well-sourced Wiki articles?

This question caught my eye: At what point did mapmaking begin to accurately reflect what we now know about the earth? It seems to be exaustively answerable by a relevant Wiki article. Do we have a ...
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Is it appropriate to ask questions about mythology here?

Is mythology considered on-topic for this site? I'd like to how the History.SE community feels about this (personally, I think it's off-topic).
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