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What's actually wrong here? Should we always avoid even mentioning or citing the present within a question post?

I've asked the following question (shown below) and two down votes and two close votes immediately appeared. So I (at least temporarily) deleted it and decide to explore the issue further here first. ...
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Why was the question about Nikolai Gogol's family name closed?

I've noticed that per-site metas are often littered with complaints/questions about question closure- so here's my own contribution to that genre. I'd like to seek clarification on the closure of this ...
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I added explanation of this question People think I want to "blame" Carthagian by asking those questions. The issue ...
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Does a question about "where a people may come from originally" fit to History Stack Exchange?

I have a question about my History Stack Exchange post: Where were the ancient Israelites before they came to Israel (if they were new inhabitants at all)? I am confused what is happening here. I ...
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Is it allowed to ask why a certain word ended up taking a meaning pretty different from its original one?

I'd like to ask about how in lots of spanish speaking countries in South America the word "coger" ("to take" in English) ended as synonym of "having sex". This word doesn'...
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Are comparison questions acceptable?

Are comparison questions acceptable? More specifically, I wanted to ask how one would compare the Dutch and Venetian Republics during their zeniths - both were non-monarchical, both thrived on ...
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What is wrong with the question about rumors of unusual sexual practices in a specific ethnic group?

Has bestiality been noticeably prevalent among Muslim / Middle East people and for how long? Question is put on hold with the following explanation: "The primary purpose of this question appears ...
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Why were these posts edited?

This question and this question originally contained religious messages, which were obviously completely off topic, were not questions, and served only to promote religious beliefs. They should ...
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Rationale for migration of the historical sports question

I understand how this question could fit in the topic of Sports.SE (obviously): What I don't understand ...
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Why is this bigotry tolerated on the site?

I find the existence of this question, as worded, rather offensive. Am I really alone in that opinion? Update: I have done some additional thinking on why this post offends me. What offends is the ...
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