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6 votes

Are questions about the current day off-topic?

That question as presented would probably be off topic. However, I feel it is readily modifiable to fit History.SE. For example, it could be edited into "When and why did dental hygienists become a p …
  • 96.4k
1 vote

Off topic posts becoming endemic

Most of those closed questions are started by the same person (or two). Prompting a user with some guidelines on asking questions may be a good idea nevertheless, but I think this current situation ha …
  • 96.4k
4 votes

Do we need to clarify what we mean with "famous persons" on our ask/on-topic help page?

My understanding is that the phrase is meant to is to exclude genealogy questions, as opposed to imposing a stringent test for fame as such. I personally believe that questions about historically docu …
  • 96.4k