The following describes our site policy, in practice: In addition to what is listed on the Help Center for answer deletion reasons (see above), there is one additional bullet: - contains inadequte references for its non-trivial assertions. Personal site mod addendum As a moderator, I will step in and delete answers personally under the following ...


An assertion like that would need to be supported by evidence.


As far as I can see, the "deleted answer": "america" could be interpreted as four words a me ri ca where the etymology of each word leads to a distinct meaning in antiquity, surviving today. does attempt to do the following: breaking up the word into its syllables, treating each syllable as a distinct word, with ancient origin/etymology. And ...


Stack Exchange employees occasionally purge post revisions that contain sensitive information (passwords, credit card numbers, etc), so it's certainly possible. You could try contacting Stack Exchange directly (through the "contact us" link in the footer), but since there's no sensitive information in your answer, I wouldn't be surprised if they declined ...


They are all accepted and high voted; some very highly for beta site volume. Since content is more important than user existentialism: Yes, I believe they should be restored on en masse; in alignment with the site's cc-by-sa license. Providing other members agree.


Yes. I don't mean to ignore the author's wishes, but it is a valuable answer.


I'd like to bring up a specific post, give my own opinion, and ask what others think. This is a post by @TylerDurden in response to the question: Does Chinese history really span the past 5000 years? I down voted this question because it is complete nonsense for anyone who has read Chinese History. It also has no sources at all; a non-trivial assertion ...

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