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For my day job, I design software and train and lead software professionals. In my free time, I do astronomy (I've published research articles in peer-reviewed journals.), cook, read, and write stories. Other interests include sailing, travel, cryptography, math, science, reading, movies, and good food.

Up Voting Policy: My voting policy can be summed up in 3 words. Quotes get votes! I am more likely to vote for answers that are not only correct but also provide citations, quotes from original sources, and links. I often ignore answers that might be correct but provide nothing to back them up, or are mere speculation.

Down Voting Policy: I rarely vote an answer or question down. I often prefer to leave a comment first so the person can improve their post. If they don't improve it after a few days, I may down-vote it for being off topic, provably incorrect, or rude.

200 Point Limit Policy: I dislike that Stack-Exchange does not allow us to earn more than 200 points per day. When people get more than 200 points, this site caps them anything beyond 200 is lost. If somebody has a really good question or answer, they deserve every point they get. To get around that, I sometimes wait a few days after a popular question or answer is posted before up-voting it.

Answer Policy: I choose answers to my questions based on which person best provides an informative and insightful answer. I am not interested in whether an answer is the longest or most popular, only that it is correct, on topic, and is backed by canon sources.

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