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Proposal to permit reference questions on SE
14 votes

I can see a few other advantages of opening the floor to reference questions: Some reference questions might also ask why a popular source is authoritative; which opens a whole other line of ...

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What to do about questions with no answers?
6 votes

I think at the heart of this debate is whether questions on potentially unanswerable topics add value to the History Stack Exchange. On the one hand the question itself might be historically ...

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Off topic posts becoming endemic
4 votes

Hmm. We don't have enough posts to need to highlight a subset of traffic via syntax. I think we should continue to consider each question on its semantic merits. Questions being put on hold are often ...

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Concerns about the future utility of this site
4 votes

I would like to point out that voting and comments are complimentary. There is no reason why an answer shouldn't be commented on bit (or even a lot) before settling into a pile of up and down votes. ...

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Can a mod restore a user's self deleted answers en masse?
3 votes

They are all accepted and high voted; some very highly for beta site volume. Since content is more important than user existentialism: Yes, I believe they should be restored on en masse; in alignment ...

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To what extent should we be fixing very low quality questions?
1 votes

One hand, if the questions are interesting but low quality, they are worth improving - as curiosity is always a great source of content for the beta. On the other hand, not every new ...

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Can I ask 'where is it now' questions?
0 votes

If you already know all the historical information about a ship, it's probably out of scope. If you are asking about historical details about a ship or identifying a ship from historical records, I ...

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