I want to know what the first command-line interface was. That is, the first time one could type in a command with a keyboard and receive feedback via a screen or teleprinter, as opposed to entering commands via paper tape, etc.

Should this question go here, history of science and mathematics, or some other stack?


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I believe it would be on-topic here. We have a tag. Of the on-hold/closed questions there, 2 were for being easily found trivia, and one was for being unclear. There's one more that has no answers and some discussion about other stacks on it, but I believe that was because the question was very technical. So if you can avoid those pitfalls, it ought to be OK here.

It would probably be on-topic on the HSM stack too. I'm not sure how good they are at answering history of computing questions there, but that's just ignorance on my part. For all I know, they could rock it.

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