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FYI: new biblical archaeology magazine

For those interested in biblical archaeology, a new magazine has recently been published: Let The Stones Speak, with potentially interesting topics. E.g. this first issue includes Top 10 Biblical ...
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Asking to be pointed to resources

I am interested in celebrating the rich historical culture of Western New York. Because of the holiday, particularly ghost stories that happened in Buffalo, New York. I am Organizing an event for ...
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Leading scholarly history of modern China (1644 to ~1980)? [closed]

(I posted this at the History SE and was directed to post it here.) I'm studying Chinese history on my own and hope an expert in the field could recommend a/the leading, scholarly history covering ...
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How much research should one do before asking a question?

This comes as my reaction to a recent question in which the Asker cheerfully admitted to having done zero research. Just recently I came across this GREAT Answer on Meta Stack Overflow, by someone ...
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No-research questions

I sadly notice there are plenty of questions which are nothing more than some random uneducated curiosity, about which the asker hasn't even tried to do any kind of research. This, paired with the ...
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Are research questions considered on-topic?

I need to do some research for some topics pertaining to a book I intend to write. The book involves the attempts at colonization in the Ashanti region of western Africa. Some of the information I ...
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