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How do we tell a user to improve the quality of his posts when comments do not suffice and voters torpedo quality by regularly upvoting nonsense?

In the last days we saw a new user here who apparently found a method to speedily farm for reputation by mass cargo-cult quoting. Member for 14 days, 30 answers all over the place and quick succession,...
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2 answers

What's our opinion and resulting policy regarding the new Hot Network Questions features?

The Hot Network Questions (HNQ) algorithm was changed a little time ago. Along with these changes, an event in the question timelines is created if it goes on the list, and moderators now have an ...
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Consistency of quality standards and Hot Network Questions

Lately, I am getting the impression that on relatively low quality questions comments requesting clarification and "what has your prior research shown you so far" are getting fewer in numbers. It ...
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We need a notification system for voters after an edit was made to a voted-on post

Comments are meant to help the original poster to refine a question or an answer. If a poster listens to this advice or criticism and does edit post, the quality of the post is thought to improve. ...
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Is it OK to vote down on question when I just don't like the topic?

I was reading the "Plea to downvoters" discussion and I have similar question. I generally agree that a downvoter should explain what is wrong. Should (s)he also do if he just doesn't like the topic? ...
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+1 is *not* a 'traditional welcoming gift'

Lately, I've seen some users (who shall remain nameless) upvote answers by new users simply as a 'traditional welcoming gift'. An upvote is not the traditional welcoming gift (it's usually a nice ...
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